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Janglery welcomes honesty, introspection, humor, hope and creativity. This is not a forum for negativity or provocation. I believe personal stories are healthy ways to emote, and can ultimately change the world. 

A personal piece is original, authentic, compelling and told from the first person. I welcome distinct voices and points of view on a variety of topics, including identity; health and mental health; sex/love and relationships; family and parenting; work, money and career; your take on current trends and events; and simply great stories about unique life experiences. Articles are typically under 1,000 words; unless part of a series. 

You will be notified if your piece is accepted to be posted on this site.  At that time, you will be asked to provide a short bio (3-5 sentences) and photo of yourself to be included. Then comes the fun part – please promote it! Welcome your followers to visit, and include the Janglery logo below to use as a link. 

My personal goal is to get your work, as well as my own, seen, shared, and published on additional platforms.

There is no monetary compensation for being included on Janglery’s site at this time. 


Noun ~ gossip; idle talk; chatter.
“See there be no entrance into princes ‘courts, either of drunkennefs, ill-fpeaking, babling indifcreetly, flattery, janglery, buffoonery, and fuch other vices, which foil and fhame the reputation of men.”

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